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Episode Guide

An in-depth recap of the FLCL episodes. Japanese episode names are in (parenthesis).

FLCL episode 1

FLCL Episode 1: Fooly Cooly (Furi Kuri)
Fooly Cooly starts out with Naota walking home with his older brother’s ex-girlfriend, Mamimi. Out of the blue he is hit by an alien girl on a yellow Vespa bike carrying a 1976 Rickenbacker bass guitar. This all happens in the town of Mabase, dominated by the Medical Machine factory. The very next day Naota finds that the alien girl, Haruko, has been hired as the housekeeper at his father’s bakery.

FLCL episode 2 FLCL Episode 2: FireStarter (FiSta)
Mamimi been seeing weird things including a black winged angel from a pocket computer game she keeps playing. This episode Naota has yet even bigger and weirder lumps coming out of his head. Haruko scans Naota’s head and reports that he doesn’t have a brain. Robots seem to be coming out of Naota’s head.
FLCL episode 3 FLCL Episode 3: Marquis de Carabas (Maru-Raba)
Eri is one of Naota’s schoolmates. Her father, who happens to be the mayor, has been accused of having an affair with the secretary. Eri has also put Naota unwillingly into the lead roll of the school play. Naota has even weirder shapes coming out of his head!
FLCL episode 4 FLCL Episode 4: Full Swing (Furi Kiri)
Haruko has joined the opposition’s baseball team and is getting along a little too well with Kamon. Naota doesn’t have any strange bulges on his head, however he does have some sort of beacon in there that the Department of Interstellar Immigration are tracking.
FLCL episode 5 FLCL Episode 5: Brittle Bullet (Bura-Bure)
Naota has another horn, everyone’s playing paintball, and anime parodies abound. The Department of Interstellar Immigration are trying to take someone out.
FLCL episode 6 FLCL Episode 6: FLCLimax (Furi Kura)
There’s a huge giant hand looming over Mabase and the Medical Mechanica hasn’t stopped smoking since the battle with the last robot. Both Haruko and Kanchi are wanted. Mamimi has found a new friend, a little robot that has a taste for eating mechanical things.

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