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FLCL Glossary

These are confusing terms used in the series or on this site. This is a work in progress and will be expanded over time. If there’s a term that you want defined that’s not on this page, you can ask about it in the forums.

anime – A style of animation developed in Japan, characterized by stylized colorful art, futuristic settings, violence, and sex.

FLCL – The true name of the series, FLCL stands for FooLy CooLy. “FLCL” is correctly pronounced “fooh-lee cooh-lee,” not “eff el see el.”

Flictonic Clipper Waver Syndrome – A made up term Haruko uses to explain ‘FLCL’. An adolescent psychological skin hardening syndrome where children grow horns from trying too hard.

Fooly CoolyFooly Cooly is used in the series for doing that which is forbidden or erotic. Fooly Cooly could also be reffering to how Naota attempts to act cool and mature, only making things more awkward. This is the correct Romanization of “FLCL.”

Furi Kuri – Romanization of ‘Fooly Cooly’ in Japanese. There are no no L or C sounds so it sounds like ‘Furi Kuri’.

Gainax – Company that created and produced the FLCL animation.

Mabase – Naota’s hometown and the setting of FLCL.

Medical Mechanica – The giant factory in Mabase

N.O. – Stands for Normally Open. N.O. – as in NO, also represents sexual repression.

the pillows – A Japanese rock band that performed the music for the series. More about the pillows

pyon – A term Haruko repeatedly uses in episode 5, “pyon” is a Japanese onomatopoeia for a jumping sound. Ending phrases with -pyon was popular in the 80′s in Japan. Especially “Uso-pyon!” which means “just kidding!” Sometimes it is added to the end of someone’s name for a cute effect.

Vespa – An italian brand of motor scooters. Haruko drives a yellow one that plays significance in the series.

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