FLCL Episode Number: 1

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FLCL Episode Number: 1

Postby Atomsk Pirate King » Wed May 14, 2008 2:10 pm

This episode makes references to both MTV and Koolaid, though both in separate scenes. (edit)
In the scene where Haruko is performing CPR on Naota, a reference is made to The Matrix, in which the scene goes into slow motion and the camera rotates into a full 360 degrees. (edit)
Kamon: It’s that tominoesque thing, saying it’s Gundam but it’s basically just another giant robot anime, right?
This is a reference to the Gundam series created by Yoshiyuko Tomino, in which he expressed that it wasn’t another giant robot anime but rather a realistic show about war and humanity, though he lated admitted that it really was just another giant robot anime. (edit)
Kamon: Is it Naota’s Gundam Hammer?
This is a reference to the series Mobile Suit Gundam. (edit)
Haruko: N/A
When Haruko is in front of the train waiting for it to pass, her face changes and it looks similar to that of a fox's. This is a reference to the Kitsune of Japanese mythology, which are notorious pranksters
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