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Full Swing

Postby Atomsk Pirate King » Wed May 14, 2008 2:18 pm

At a few points during this episode, most notably when Naota comes home to a malfunctioning Robo-Kamon and when Haruko offers to be Naota's batting coach, events occur out of sequence or are cut off with flashes of scenes that never happened. This is due to the episode's director being a fan of 60's art films and wanting to use their surrealistic style in anime. (edit)
When Naota is accused of hitting his father with a bat, the scene is similar to how characters in the anime series Paranoia Agent get killed; Naota is even wearing a baseball cap, just like Lil’ Slugger, the main character of Paranoia Agent

This is the only episode where Canti doesn't turn red, although the Atomsk does logo appear. (edit)
When Naota is with Mamimi and Haruko comes on her vespa and tells them Canti is playing in the baseball game, look closely (or tape it and press "slow")
When Mamimi jumps up, she knees Naota in his back and his hands flail around and he ends up pulling off Mamimi's underwear. (edit)
Audio/visual unsynchronized: When Naota returns home from the baseball game, Canti is in the kitchen chopping vegetables. However, when Canti joins Haruko and Kamon at the dinner table, the chopping sound effect can still be heard. (edit)
When Naota is sleeping as Haruko drives him home, the first shot shows his head between her knees, but the next shot shows his head resting on her lap. (edit)
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