The Jap Chin problem

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The Jap Chin problem

Postby Haz » Wed Oct 20, 2010 7:42 pm

THEM CRAZY ASIANS BEING ANGRY.(politics,politics,politics,regime)


No not like that, This is not about Japanese people with large chins and anyone who still thinks it is after reading this is an idiot, and deserving of nothing but contempt

although not really shown by much news services there has been an escalation in the Senkaku Islands dispute. So basically in the east China sea there are these Senkaku Islands and both China and Japan have claim to them. Though as per usual the real reason why people want it the waters are believed to contain significant oil and gas deposits. Lots of Demonstrators in China and Japan seemingly giving a shit about some fishing rights and compressed dead fish which can be burned.[/img]
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