Passionate Fans Please Help!!! I love Mega Man Legends.

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Passionate Fans Please Help!!! I love Mega Man Legends.

Postby JakeHans » Wed Dec 28, 2011 7:24 am

About a year ago Capcom announced Megaman Legends 3 had finally made it into production. This game series was different from any other Mega Man series on the market, and was a personal favorite of the developers. The second and apparently final installment was released in 2000 for the Sony Playstation and ended in a cliffhanger.

In an unprecedented move for the gaming industry, they opened up developer rooms in North America and Japan to allow the fans who'd waited so long just to hear the rest of the story to help decide on different aspects of the game. Fans could design enemies and bosses, vote on character designs, make up personalities for townspeople, and were encouraged to openly discuss what they hoped to see in the game as the developers posted a daily chronicle of their progress.

It wasn't until months later that those fans soon found out that the game hadn't been completely greenlit, as they'd been led to believe until then. A prototype was planned to be released for the 3DS eShop at launch to determine whether the game would perform well on the market. Capcom stated that this prototype's sales would determine whether Megaman Legends 3 would make it into the full-fledged production stage.

Unfortunately, before it had the chance to prove itself on the market, Capcom's executives decided for themselves that the venture wasn't worth pursuing and cancelled the prototype. The fans were outraged--many bought a 3DS just so they could support the Prototype! The Japanese Devroom was locked down immediately, but Capcom of America, who has actually voiced their support for the project, has left the International Devroom forums open. The official Capcom-recognized petition can be found here.

In order to add your signature, you'll also need to register for the Devroom--instructions can be found here.

When Capcom announced the game's cancellation, fans sprung to action on Facebook and created 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Megaman Legends 3. Their international team has been hard at work establishing ties with the Japanese fanbase and learning more about the executives who cancelled the project without giving it a fair shot.

You can contribute a lot just by liking this Facebook page. They currently have over 52,000 members. You can watch for news in their facebook group's notes section. The people who run this group have been setting up convention booths accross the globe, taking money out of thier own pockets for this cause. One fan even paid out-of-pocket for a Legends 3 revival ad in his local newspaper. I personally plan to ________(Insert what you're actually going to do for this cause______.)

If this is a lot of information to process, it's all conveniently posted at has all the information about the games in the series you'll ever need, and the people there would be glad to assist you in finding copies if you'd like to play them for yourself. There's also an excellent video review which illustrates just how much this series means to so many people. I strongly encourage you to try and get a copy for yourself and see what you're missing out on if you haven't played it yet!

Thank you for your support!
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Re: Passionate Fans Please Help!!! I love Mega Man Legends.

Postby ramok2k » Wed Dec 28, 2011 2:29 pm

Man, I really want Legends 3 to come back. I'm down with this group :D
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