FLCL New York

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FLCL New York

Postby dennis20014 » Mon Jul 16, 2007 10:43 pm

=-*Updated 03/27/2011!!*-=

10,000+ views. Boom baby! Just to let everyone know, I have revised this whole story so far, and made corrections to errors that I have spotted. I'm very big on grammar so I tried my best with that as well. If something ever confused you, please let me know, and I will correct it.

When writing it's hard to remember everything you know?

In case you didn't know, I think this whole story up on the fly lol


-=CHAPTER 1: Prologue=-
Yo. So I have had this idea in my head for a long time, before I even joined this forum, I just never really got around to fleshing it out. So for about
the past year I've done so and a good portion is in my head. It's a fanfic big surprise. It's a continuation of both the Anime and Manga. I say that cause there is some elements from both, but if it were to be real it would be in Anime form. I don't really know what to call it yet, but there are some cliche theme's. Yea most of the characters are back, it's a few years later. I don't think I will bring Atomsk back though, I haven't really gotten that far, I'm thinking something new, in relation to that. Anyway I kind of put out the prologue cause I had it pictured perfect in my head last night. I tried not to make it so much fanfic Fodder, though it's hard not to with fanfics lol so tell me what you think, I don't really care if it's bad or good. You can probably figure out were the story will lead to

This story is a continuation of the Anime, but some parts of the Manga have been incorporated, so if you are confused, just read the Manga and then you’ll understand the parts that confused you. I know it’s so cliché but it’s been four years (I say that cause I pictured Naota as going into the 5th grade, so now he’d be a freshman, 10th grade. Some of the elements in the story will be contradicting his age limit but for Japan’s sake will say they are all correct)

*The following lines are suppose to be like a film roll, recap, think Firestarter episode thingy*

Nadaba Naota. Nothing Amazing ha-did you hear about the-we are kids include-what about eye-ever happens-a wasp women-you’re the one I-he swung-N.O.-Lord Canti-hey hey TV b-It’s the termin-hanging around town like a-Mamimi!-that you saved the town-me and you-happens here it’s ordi-you’re the one I sa-the bat-that power is mine!-Ninamori-san!-your hiding somet-what are you talking about!-I wanna leave my mar-Tasuku!-Hey I get three time-it’s weird having a robot!-Haruhara-Why?-eyebrows-bandaid-I saw first Takun-Raharu-it utilizes-it-it-it-it-Atomsk!-If anyone is going to eat him it’s going to be me!-Do whatever you wan-Don’t be a bad boy!-Your heads the only one that works-Takun-Takun-Natoa-kun-Takun-Were did you go!-Haruko-Haruko-Takun-
I love y--------------------------------

Yea…right. Love, how could anyone love something like that? I had a dream last night, it was of Ha--

He shakes he head as he sits on his bead and continues to think of everything

Four years have passed…

*The following narrative lines you can picture stuff happening in your head*

We still cross the bridge, just as usual. Only now I’m driving across it. Haruko left me her Vespa when she left, she told me I could fly into space when I learned how to…I never did. In the seventh grade I started dating Eri, we’ve been together since and I’m happy with her. I gave her the bike when she got her license a few months after I did. I hate that thing. She took a real liking to it though, she loves the rush. When she wants to go somewhere she always wants me to drive. Guess because I’m faster than her, I don’t know. She’s always hanging over me in the public, and we go to a lot of places together, but she’s cool so it’s ok, right? She’s always telling me that she loves me. I love her too…I guess. At least I believe her. I don’t see much of the other two, they didn’t really talk to me much after I started dating, whatever their deals are, I don’t know. My dad and I, we are on a little better terms. I don’t want to talk about why we never were on good terms. He is still writing that dumb zene of his but at least it brings in some extra chash around the house. Our bakery is doing well, it’s increased business by three fold in just four years. Grandpa manages it most of the time, he says he wants to do something with what time he has left. I watch him sometimes when there is a rush, he’s quick..for being old. I usually end up helping him though. Mamimi and I write to each other now and then. She’s in America, working for some big magazine. She say’s Tasuku is pretty well known, but she hasn’t gotten together with him yet. I was hoping that she’d have so I could ask her how he is doing. He’s called quite often, but I haven’t seen him in a long time. I guess she’s too busy or he is, who knows. My dad recently got into some trouble on an article he published. It ended up with court charges, and for some reason the judge told him he should take a leave of absence from Mabase. I wonder why he’d refuse, this town is boring me, well Ninamori is the only thing good about Mabase…now adays. Turns out he has to leave the city for a period of thirty days. The lawyer said it sure beats a fine or jail time. What the hell did he publish? That zene is so stupid anyway…Wait, what am I going to tell Eri!?


-=CHAPTER 2: Meeting=-
-Morning, Monday, May 31st, Sunny-
Naota didn’t move from his comfortable position in his bed as his alarm clock goes crazy, making a loud off and on beep reading eight thirty-five.

My god that is annoying

He changes his mind and gets up to shut it off. Still in boxers, he doesn’t want to open his eyes yet, he still has that sleepy feeling you get in your head. He makes his way over to his dresser and feels for a pair of shorts. Naota is a little taller now, about 5’6, his hair has grown darker into a more blackish tint, than the brown he use to have when he was little. He has worked out little by little over the years and has some muscle on him but he isn’t nothing flashy, enough to be a good framer, or some other construction job. His face is starting to get whiskers, and they are growing faster cause he keeps shaving every time a sign of them shows

Brown or Blue?

He grabs for the brown ones but then takes the blue, and puts them on. Puts some socks on, along with a navy blue t-shirt. He walks over to his window and pulls the curtain aside.


It was a blue sky morning, sun shining, you know the whole caboodle. He opens his eyes with a scuff and then opens the window letting the fresh spring air enter the room. No school today for him, teacher improvement day.

I know how they can improve the school he says as he heads down the stairs to get some breakfast
They can fire a few of the teachers we have there, like that new gym teacher! Nobody likes him anyway…
I let him know I don’t, he talks to me like I’m still a kid…

He opens the fridge and see’s what’s inside. There is a carton of milk that’s half empty, a carton of eggs, and the usual things in a fridge. Deli meat, some Madra curry, it’s really hot stuff. Well ok I guess that isn’t something usual to have in a fridge.

”Hey Canti!” Naota yells with his head still inside the fridge. Naota starts to turn his head after a few seconds to yell for him again only to notice him on the other side of the door. He stops short and then beings to speak again.

“You know were anything good to eat is?”

“------“ Canti replies.

Canti turns his head and points inside the fridge. Naota turns to look and pokes his head back in, moving the carton of milk and see’s a dish of noodles, or something (I can’t really think of Japanese food, so you do the math yourself)

“I guess it’ll do, thanks” He grabs the plate and a drink from the side and shuts the door. He sets the drink on the table and puts the noodles in the microwave and hits a button. He turns his head as it cooks, watching Canti walk back towards the other room. Canti is wearing an apron as usual but his head is fixed, and he doesn’t wear the box like he use to. The pieces weren’t all recovered, but Naota forged some up in a shop class he took one summer. It took awhile to get the right paint to match it.
The microwave beeps and he grabs the plate, and eats breakfast.

-Under the bridge, later that day-

The cars are passing by less now than when they were when he had arrived. A black cargo truck makes its way slowly, like the driver is afraid he’s going to careen off into the river. Naota sits with his hands on his knees, he scratches his head, in a bald spot he got in some point in time. He stares at the water as the sun makes a glare into his eyes. Off in the distance he hears the one of a kind sound. The vespa motor.

Ninamori didn’t let off the accelerator even though she approached a stop sign. She smiled and leaned forward and then at the last possible second, braked. Her body leaned forward but she straightened her self up just in time as she ended up right at the cross line; the smoke rose behind her along with a dark skid mark on the pavement. She looked left for a split second while taking a right. Naota watched as she sped across the bridge and parked the bike up the hill.

“You really have to go that fast!” Natoa shouted standing up

Ninamori got off and started walking down the hill.
“Yea what’s the big deal, you go faster” she said smiling. Her hair was long, down past her shoulder bone and her bangs were thick. She had let her hair grow out for about a year and a half only trimming it now and then. She said it was something she had wanted to but not until she was a little taller. She wore blue jeans, a purple halter top, thong sandals and a watch on her (right or left) hand.

“Yea but I wear a helmet!”
“Helmets just get in the way of your vision” she says and pecks him on the cheek before sitting down. Naota looks at her out of the corner of his eye and then sits down also.
“Just be careful ok?”
“Yea don’t worry about it, so what’d you want to tell me?” she asked smiling at him.

What’s she so giddy about?

“Well how do I say this?” he says looking away. She leans her head out trying to look at him

“You know about my dad getting in trouble and all that right?”

Her eyes move as she recalls what he had told her.

“Yea, he wrote something about some secret file he had gotten a hold of for the military or something right?”

“Hardly a secret,” he says looking at her, then continuing, looking back at the river. The sun wasn’t glaring in his eyes anymore, he wondered if it was because he had moved after getting up.
“He stole the JGSDF’s (Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force, the army) log of disasters in the past 10 years. Some were top secret and he printed everyone one of them, including information that wasn’t supposed to be out about events that were already known”

“Wow sounds serious, you sure did your homework Naota”
“He told me a lot more but I didn’t listen all that much”
“You said about events that were already known right? He had written on those too?”
“So he must of wrote about…”
“Yea I guess so”

She put her hands back and leaned on them. Naota looked at her and putting his hands behind his head, leaned back against the hill side.

Guess I’ll just go ahead and tell her

“I’m leaving”

She sat up and shifted her body towards him. “Leaving? What do you mean?”

“The judge told my dad he has to leave the country for thirty days”
“No way...so what that is your dad,” she said getting closer to him and eventually making her away on top of him.
“Yea but,” he said putting his hands down to his side, unsure of what she was going to do.
“So, let your dad leave. You’re an adult you can handle staying by yourself for a month or two”
“You think I didn’t tell him that!” he said shouting a little.
“And he still said no?” she shouted back
Calming his tone, “he said that he wanted me to go with, and that the shop, and all the house appliances were going to be shut off while we were gone” he said.

I feel like crap for having to tell her this

She was completely on top of him now, with her hands above his head, like she was trapping him from moving. Gravity let her beautiful long hair come down the side of her chest. Naota glimpsed at her chest and then back at Eri’s face trying to concentrate.
“You can’t just leave, what am I going to do then!” she said also softening her tone and looking to the side
“I’m sorry, I keep telling him I don’t need to go with him but he insists I do, he says I won’t mind once I find out what’s in store”
“I thought you didn’t even like your dad”

He’s ok

“I don’t really…” he says and his eyes slowly move down her body to her chest again. She looks back at his face without him noticing and smiles.

“Naota” she says with a smirk.
He looks back at her knowing he’s been caught.
“You know I don’t mind, I don’t see why you try to hide it when you look at my breasts (boobs whatever sounds better lol)”

“I don’t try to hide it,” he says aggravated

“I think it’s cute, your look like a little kid when you get caught” she says smiling.

“Yea just like when you--” he says even more aggravated but then stops when Eri falls on him and sinks her mouth onto his. She wraps her arms around his head and he wraps his arm around her. He closes his eyes. She grips him tighter as they get more into it. A car passes by. The sun continues to shine on the lake, and the people across the way can’t even tell what’s going on. He feels the heat from her tongue and let’s her go at it. A few seconds later she stops , keeping her body how it is and opens her eyes.

“Why don’t you just live with me?”
“What?” he says shocked
“Come on it’d be fun”
“But I can’t live with you!” he says still shocked
“Why not?”
“Cause we’re still in high school”
“Naota my father isn’t the mayor anymore it’s not like he’ll care”
“Yea he’s a senator now! (I don’t know what or even if there is something like that in Japan but he’s like that)”

She laughs.
“What’s so funny?”
“I’m right here you don’t have to yell, come on I want you to” she smiles
“I don’t know,” he says.

It wouldn’t be that bad…but dad said I wouldn’t mind going with him…wait what the hell do I care

“Just think about it, your not leaving for a few days right?”
“Good, gives me some time to make you stay with me”
“Do what?” he says his eyes widening and Ninamori starts to kiss him again while doing “other things”

"I love you..." she whispers in his ear.

He gasps and says it back to her closing his eyes

Great…now what...

-Chapter 3 & 4-

We talked for awhile after we were done. Just about this and that you know. It’s weird how much her and I are alike. I was glad school was about over, so was she. I liked the opposite sex, so did she. I hoped she would . She thought it was a funny joke. I don’t really joke that much.

Hours passed. The traffic started picking up as the clock hit around four. People getting off work, they’re kids driving around, enjoying the day off. One of the stop lights down the street could be seen and it wasn’t working and the two of them could hear horns honking and some commotion.

“Hmm I wonder what’s going on?” Ninamori says as she stands up, walking a few paces up the hillside to see if she can catch a glimpse. Naota follows her and moves on the right side of her, squinting his eyes.

The sun is still fairly high as it is nearing summer time. Clouds have rolled in more, looking like it will storm later on. The sky is still blue though, and the sun hasn’t given it any hue or saturation.

“Probably a wreck,” Naota replies as he stops squinting looks at her.
“Hmm, you wanna go see?” she asks grabbing his arm, running up the hill
“Not really,” he says showing no interest
“Oh come on you can drive even,” she says smiling handing him his helmet.
“Thanks, I think you should be wearing it though,” he says as he gets on, still not wanting to go.
“You worry too much”
“Suite yourself” he says handing the helmet to her implying that she put it back in the cargo bag. He slaps on the goggles though, then fires up the vespa.

“Were off!” she shouts pointing with one arm and hanging on with the other. Naota turns his head to look back at her
“Oh did you want me to take off then?” he asks. She frowns
“Maybe if you say it again I’ll go”
“No I don’t feel like it now” she says folding her arms, as she looks the other way, eyes closed.
“Oh come on”
“Were---“ she says screaming only to squeeze Naota as he takes off unexpectedly.

He guns the throttle as she shouts, and feels her arms tighten around him. He pulls a uey (uturn) and heads back out onto the road. Her grip loosens as they hit the asphalt. He looks up to the road that he comes across first. No cars.

He passes a min-van in front of him, letting the Vespa’s motor rev up only to hear it go down as it shifts gears. Eri’s hair is blowing in the wind like no tomorrow as she passes the van, making the driver see a purple and yellow blob. Naota passes the road and see’s the street up ahead with quite a few cars stuck in the middle of the intersection. He lets off the accelerator and pulls over to the shoulder. Eri opens her eyes and peeks her head around his body.

“Why’d you stop?” she asks.
“I’m not gonna get stuck too, let’s just walk up there”

He lets the engine go off and puts the kick stand down.

Wow, first time it actually went down for me without having to try a few times

He looks down at his foot and the gets off. Eri follows as they start walking. Some pedestrians across the street are making their way also up the sidewalk, unlike them in the grass. A bunch of shops and a restaurant make up the little strip. All of the buildings have been colored a tan/cyan color since the new owner had bought them some time ago. Eri looks behind her still walking and see’s an ambulance coming across the bridge. Naota notices too and moves away from the road some more. It passes and stops a few yards in front of them. The crew hop out and start carrying a stretcher up to the intersection. Naota grabs Eri’s hand and makes his way across the street, as a few police cars pass just as they are on the other side. He continues to hold her hand as they stop in front of a store as a policeman sets up a barricade.

“Alright everyone, stay back and let us work!” he shouts, moving so another man can setup another beside it. Another pushes a photographer back, and a barricade is set in the same fashion, on the opposite side of the intersection. A fire truck comes from the right, and a few men bellow out, and hook up a hose quickly to a nearby fire hydrant.

Naota and Eri stay close as more people gather up.

“What happened officer?” A women asks
“We don’t know yet ma’m, when we find out we’ll let everyone know”
“Was it a wreck?” Eri asks, surprising Naota that she would speak up suddenly
“We believe so young lady”
“We need some help over here!” A firefighter shouts and the cop runs off as another takes his post

Everyone tries to peek there head out to see what is happening.

“I think we should get out of here” Naota suggests.
“Just a little longer, I wanna see what happened” Eri replies

I’m just glad it wasn’t us

“Guess you’ll wear a helmet from now on huh?” he says with a smart ass tone
“That’s not funny Naota!” she says hitting him and then putting her attention back on car where the workers were. Naota laughs to himself and watches also.

They pull a man out of a black car who screams a bit as they pull him saying “Oww! My leg, careful” They quickly put him on a stretcher and start to hall him back to an ambulance. At the same time two more show up on opposite sides, as does some more police cars.

“Hey! Isn’t that…” Eri shouts and starts making her way through the crowd.
“Ninamori!” Naota shouts and follows her slowly making his way also.

She pushes her way through all different sorts of people.

“Excuse me…sorry…pardon me…sorry” she says. Naota says sorry once and just makes his way around people, following Eri’s big poof of hair.

Barricades were set up on all sides of the street, cornering all of the wrecked cars, ten in all, into the middle of the intersection. Mostly everyone looked to be alright as some of the drivers and passengers were on cell phones, probably calling their loved ones and letting them know what happened. Oddly enough, the wreck in the way it happened, corned everyone in from getting out. Otherwise they probably wouldn’t just be sitting there. Some were not so lucky though.

Eri finally gets out of the big huddle were police were holding them off so the ambulance and fire crews could work.

“Mr. Ray! Is that you Mr. Ray!” Eri shouts as she watches the two ambulance workers, dressed in light blue shirts and dark blue pants, push the stretcher to back end, were another worker was opening the doors after prepping the station. The man looks over towards the crowd and notices her. He squints and then recognizes her

“Ninamori-san!” he shouts back. She smiles glad that he recognizes her.
“Wait wait wait,” he says to the workers.
“Please can I have a moment to talk to her?” he asks pointing. They nod and go talk to the police officer. Naota goes up behind her and looks to see who she was shouting at and who it was.

Oh great, it’s him. I forgot to tell you, I don’t like him, Eri does

The cop signals her to come by and she grabs Naota and runs over to the man. Naota looks at him but doesn’t say anything. The man is probably in his mid thirties. His hair is pitch black, and fairly buzzed. He had to of dyed it cause of the color it is, and students always laugh when the dye starts to run cause of his original hair color being brown or red or something. His eyebrows are really…weird.

The sun was pretty much gone by now and the police had placed flares around the area, with most of the wounded helped out. They were asking questions now mostly and getting rid of the cars in the street. The river side nearby was flowing a little faster than usual, and the wind had picked up a tad.

“Mr. Ray I can’t believe you were in that!” He laughs.
“Yea it was weird. But you know what’s even more weird, was that the wreck was caused by just one person!” he tells her. Naota listens carefully but doesn’t say anything to him.
“Really one person? No way, how did they get out?”
“I didn’t see much but I am pretty sure it was a motorcycle”
“A motorcycle? You don’t see those that much around here,” she says surprised.
“That’s what I thought I saw but who knows, I could be wrong. It happened so fast”
He turns to Naota.
“Hello Naota”
“Hi,” he says back not looking at him
“Aren’t you upset that your teacher could be hurt?” he says keeping an attitude just like he is
“Not really,” he replies
“You know…it looked like a girl was driving” He says trying to peek Naota’s curiosity.
But he didn’t flinch
“So what, a dumb women driver sounds about right.”
“Yea I guess that’s true,” he replies.

Just then a black motorcycle spins around the corner back towards the bridge. Ninamori moves to the side as they are talking and watched the bike approach them. The bike comes to a stop and the driver removes his helmet.


“Oh my my my what happened!” Kamon asks Naota.
“Dad!? What are you doing here!”
“Some people told Grandpa that there was a wreck so I thought I would come check it out”
“Come check it out? Wait” he says panicking.

Didn’t he say that it was a motorcycle!

“Didn’t you say it was a motorcycle that made the wreck?” Naota asks Mr. Ray
“So now you can talk to me?” He asks. Ninamori stands there watching them all blankly and then turns furious and starts shouting

“So you were the one weren’t you Mr. Nadaba!” she says pointing a finger at him and cocking her head, as she gets in his face.

“Woah woah woah, I don’t know what you’re talking about! And please call me Kamon” he says laughing a little.

The police start walking over as some of the victims point that way, and as more people start to watch the argument

“Maybe I’ll call you that if you fess up!” she says engraged.

What the hell…why is she so pissed off Naota thinks to himself

“Eri!” Naota yells, but he stops when she looks at him with a look and back at his dad.
“Did you or did you not do this?” she asks.

“No of course not I was at the bakery all day! Come to think of it…Grandpa did say that he didn’t see the bike at a certain time” he says.

The police walk up and ask him to step off the bike.
“Oh yea, you didn’t do it huh?” Naota asks.

“Sir we are going to have to ask you a few questions. They walk along side of Kamon as they approach some of the witness’s and victims.

“Come on Nao, I didn’t do anything, you believe me right?” He says looking back, but Naota doesn’t answer.

I don’t know, I hope he didn’t, he is in enough trouble anyway

“So do you think it was him?” Mr. Ray asks looking at him

“I don’t know,” he replies
“You don’t believe your own father?”

“I think he did it!” Eri shouts and punches Naota out of fury. He grabs his stomach and loses his breath. She realizes what she had done and starts to pamper him.

Mr. Ray looks towards Kamon and watches as some of the suspects point fingers into his face, as others shake their heads no.

“Oh well, I guess it was just some idiot driver” Mr. Ray says as the two workers start to put him in the ambulance.

“My father wouldn’t do something like that!” Naota screams turning around.

“That’s good to know you believe him. You and I we know a thing or two about letting our emotions show. I’m glad you didn’t deny believing him. I hope you do the same for her.” He says pointing at Ninamori. She smiles and blushes.

“I do, but don’t think it was him, he couldn’t do something like that, and besides he would have been in the middle of it, he can’t drive to save his life!”

“How your father drives isn’t my business, and he wasn’t involved with the wreck” he replies

“What do you mean?” Ninamori asks

“See you in school. Oh and Naota.”


“I guess you still swing the bat” he says as the worker shuts the door and gets into the front of the ambulance driving off. One…two….three..four, five, six. The drops of rain came down slow.
Swing the bat…

“What did he mean by that?” Ninamori asks walking up to his side. Naota watches at the ambulance goes takes a right, the same way his dad had came.

“No idea” Naota tells her turning around to look at his dad.

I am definitely not getting into that. The first time I’ve lied to her...

“Ok if you say so,” she replies. She looks towards Kamon and remembers that she was mad. Naota looks at her for a moment and then back as the police point towards them signaling Kamon to go. He makes his way with haste, blabbing as he leaves the mob.

“So what did they say?” says Naota.

“Oh you know just a big misunderstanding, like I said” he says putting his hand on his forhead. He gets on the bike, and puts his helmet on. “Supper should be ready by now, hurry on home, you can come too right Ninamori-san?” he says rhetorically. He turns the bike around and starts to take off but loses control right away do the slick pavement. Ninamori laughs and Naota smirks.

“You can’t take off so fast, it’s raining you know” Kamon brushes himself off and gets back on taking off with less speed. Ninamori realizes it’s raining and quickly runs back to the vespa.

“Come on Naota!” she shouts to him as she puts the helmet on. “Great my hair is ruined now, I can’t believe I didn’t even realize earlier!” Naota runs to her and gets on. He shifts it around and starts it up and takes off fast with ease. No wiping out, no problem.

My dad is a lousy driver, but then again, if he had caused the wreck he would have been found out, and he would have been in it right? I can take off alright, what’s his deal

-Nadaba House, Night, Dinner table-

Grandpa, Kamon, Canti, Ninamori, and Naota sit around the table. Kamon along with Grandpa sit on one side across from Naota and Ninamori, and Canti sits at one of the ends. Ninamori is use to Canti joining them when they eat, since he makes most of the meals and he has been around her long enough. She has even taken a liking to him. Not like that though she says. I prefer real men. Awhile back she was jealous of an older women was always all over Naota. She thought that he was just being used and he would get hurt. She tried all sorts of tricks to try to get him to fall for her, and keep him under her “control” as women sometime call it. But to her it seemed that most the time it was she who was under his “control”. What was even weirder to her, he didn’t seem to acknowledge it…or even notice her. She gave up for awhile, though she still was good friends with him. She had dated other guys through junior high (or w/e it is called there) some of them from other towns that she met at track meets and other sports, but most were either jerks or just not her type. Every time she was with them something reminded her of Naota, and she would either screw it up due to her thoughts or they would just lose interest since she wasn’t easy.

She finally got lucky with him though, in probably the most embarrassing of ways. She was with her current boyfriend at the time hanging around Mabase. On the way back to her house, the two took a shortcut through a back alleyway and her boyfriend tried to pull a fast one. I don’t mind she said to herself, while he was all over her. I mean it’s only natural right? He is MY boyfriend…so why do I feel like screaming

Her hair wasn’t as long then, probably down to her shoulders, she wore a black beret, a black formal t-shirt, a black skirt with black school shoes, and tight high socks. She was asking for it, the way she dressed I mean.

“Help!” she yelled. It startled the boy and he backed up a foot and then went back to being all over her. She cried once more and he tried making her be quiet, confused and scared at the same time. Convenient for her Natoa was on an errand along with Canti, taking the bakery’s records to the bank in town. They had stopped to get something to drink at a stand.

-Mabase streets, Afternoon, overcast,past-

“So that’ll be $5.50” the man behind the counter says.
“$5.50! It’s just two cans!” Naota shouts
“Hey I don’t make the prices, just the drinks, pay up or hand em back”
“Yea whatever,” he says and hands the man the money.
“Thanks” he says and goes back to a register putting the money in.

Naota hands one of the cans, a black one with two white strips, one at the top, one at the bottom, to Canti. Canti is wearing a black baseball cap with a “P!” symbol on it, and is carrying a few sacks, probably with some groceries in them. Naota is wearing the same cap, only it being blue and he has it on backwards. He is sporting his baby blue sweatshirt, brown shorts and his shoes and socks. He looks to be about thirteen or fourteen.

“Help!” he hears not far off. His eyes are closed as he chugs the drink down, the same as Canti, and when he hears it, he opens his eyes. He stops chugging it and stares down the street, trying to get an idea of where it could be. The strip he is on, is filled with shops and such, but no one is really out at the moment, some of the shop owners and employees are out sweeping, but no one notices the cry for help except him.

Canti turns his head looking at Naota.

“Did you hear that Canti?” he says looking at him. Canti must of said yes and he turns his cap backwards like Naota’s and starts taking off in the direction of the cry. Naota follows. They pass the alleyway, but Naota stops and looks back, peering down the dark path, the daylight being shadowed from the buildings on both sides. He can’t really make out how many people are down there.

“Whose down there!” he shouts.

Ninamori looks towards the street and sees him.

“Naota!” she yells pushing the guy off but he doesn’t fall back much. He turns and notices Naota, as she stares down the way.
“Naota help me!”

“Help me? What the hell, why are you freaking out!” her boyfriend shouts, though it is in anger, as he see’s Naota and he is clearly bigger and taller than him.

“Back off, you don’t know what he can do!” she says as she watches Naota walking slowly down the pathway. Canti hasn’t shown his head yet, but Naota figures he must of just gotten confused, or hadn’t seen him turn back.

“You kidding me? I’ll pay the kid to beat me up, and why are you freaking out? I was just trying to make out with you”

Naota stops and clinches his fist. Pfft, that’s why she’s screaming. I thought someone was in trouble...
He turns around and starts walking back towards the street.

“Wait!” she says stepping past the guy.

“I’m not going to interrupt what you and your boyfriend are doing, don’t shout for help unless you really need it!” Naota says loudly.

“I did need help, he isn’t my boyfriend!” she says. I can’t believe he actually was around, I was just shouting at first stupidly, but now is my chance!

“Not your boyfriend!” the guy shouts, becoming more angry. “What the hell are you talking about? You were just fine a minute ago and now this kid shows up and you are blabbing like I’m some rapist.”

Naota is almost to the end of the alleyway when he stops and turns around. He see’s Ninamori still walking towards him and the guy coming fast up behind her. He grabs her arm and turns her around. Naota flinches at the sight. Watch it

“Don’t touch me!” she says pulling away, but still facing him.

“What is your problem!” the guy asks again, screaming now.

Naota starts walking back on the sidewalk, while the two talk and don’t notice.

“I’m not your girlfriend anymore, and don’t you dare touch me like that!” she says punching his chest.

The man shakes his arm, and engraged, slaps her across the face. She screams and falls onto her knees. He realizes what he has done and immediately is even more engraged when she calls him a bastard.

“Bastard!” she says holding her left cheek covering a red mark. At that instant Naota sprints around the corner his hat flying off behind him. The man looks up and sees him, Ninamori leans back and turns, and sees him. She smiles in relief.

“Fuck off kid!” the man says. He steps over Eri, and stops. He has shoulder length brown hair, green eyes. He wears a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and some sneakers. He’s your typical pretty boy.
Naota is a few feet away when the man brings back his fist and lays him out. Naota falls back and hits the alleyway pavement hard.

“Naota!” Eri screams, disappointed and scared. Naota sits up and shakes his head. The man walks over to him and starts to kick him but---

“Canti!” Naota screams and instantly Canti lands in-between him and the man. The man’s foot comes down from the air with full force and lands right on Canti’s right knee. The man shouts and jumps around on one leg in pain. He stops a few seconds later and notices the robot.

“Hey what the hell!” he says scared. Naota stands up. He grabs onto the back of Canti and swings himself around his body as the big mouth opens with all of its red eyes and lets it devour him. Canti’s body turns red like a thermostat going from sub zero temperatures to volcanic heat. The blue paint turns red and Canti’s black cap flies off.

(I will describe actions as Canti, but Naota will be thinking while piloting him)

The man’s face turns all weird and he freaks out and runs off. Ninamori stands up and smiles.

“Get him!” she says pointing.

This is stupid Naota thinks to himself. Oh well it has been a bit since I last was swallowed, I should have some fun

He takes off after the man and jumps in front of him, blocking his exit. He screams again and falls to his knee’s crying and begging for his life.

“Oh please please, don’t hurt me, please I’m so sorry what I did, I didn’t mean to, I’m sorry, don’t hurt me!” he says bowing his head up and down like a maniac.

Canti picks the man up by the back of his shirt and turns him around towards Ninamori. He signals her to come and she walks up pulling up her sleeve, angered. She lays one in to him and then exhales, feeling relieved. Canti lets him go and turns back to blue. Naota comes out in a weird stream, but he is goo free. He hadn’t come out with goo for awhile for the last few times he had been in Canti. He didn’t question why though, it was better that way, he reeked when he had. He was glad that no horns had sprouted either.

Couldn’t happen anyway. No crazy person to knock me upside the head

He thought to himself as he stood up. When he was finally standing Ninamori slapped him up the backside of his head. He grabbed the spot.

“Ow what was that for!” he asked holding his head.
“Next time, don’t be such an idiot” she says crossing her arms. He holds his head still as Naota moves his hand and puts his cap back on, and puts Naota’s on his head. He is holding the groceries again.

“Now come on, I’m thirsty” she says putting her arm through his. He looks at her weirdly as she pulls him out onto the street.
“Hey wait a minute! Aren’t you even going to thank me?” Naota shouts.
“I will thank you for the drink you buy me” she says back
“Who said I was buying you a drink?”
Canti follows behind them carrying the sacks and watching the man stare at him and then run off the other way.

-Back at the dinner table-

Everyone had finished eating and was relaxing by the time she was done remembering how her and Naota had started dating.

Ok it was really dumb and immature. And it was probably uncalled for, but he did hit me. So it was a good thing in a way. Haha yea, I finally got him. She thought to herself looking at him. He was looking down, she could tell something was on his mind.

“Dad?” he says interrupting Kamon and Grandpa going on about how hybrid cars are pieces of junk. Grandpa is a little skinner than we last saw him, but he is older now and the age is definitely showing. He moves slower and his emotions aren’t very fluid. He is wearing a big grey hoodie, and black track pants. Kamon is wearing some white kaki’s, a white t-shirt with a red unbuttoned t-shirt over it.


“I’m going to stay with Eri while you are gone” he says

Ninamori turns to Naota surprised.

“Really!” she says leaning over, putting her face practically into his. He looks at her and leans back from her a little bit.

“Yea,” he replies. He looks back at his dad and continues. “I don’t want to leave for the summer, and plus you have been keeping the whole thing a secret. You almost got in trouble earlier too”

“Ahh so you are having doubts about your old man huh?” Kamon replies and turns his body to fully face him.

“You sure you want to stay with her? “ he asks

“Yea I do” he replies. Ninamori wraps her arms around Naota

“Oh my god that’s wonderful Naota, thank you, thank you, thank you.” She turns towards Kamon.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of him”

“And it’s ok with your parents? The head senators daughter having a criminals son stay?” he says crossing his hands.

Criminal… Naota thinks to himself and sinks a little. Ninamori still has her arms wrapped around his neck and widens her eyes. She then laughs a few seconds later

“Yea of course it’s ok, they don’t think of you as a criminal, they didn’t mind the whole thing at all. My dad was rooting for you, ya know?”

“Hmm is that so?” he replies, feeling a bit of joy. She nods her head then looks at Naota.
“What’s wrong?” she asks him.

“So do you want to know where I am going?” Kamon asks Naota, knowing what he is thinking. Naota doesn’t reply but just looks at his father, not a clue one what he is going to say next.

“That’s ok, I don’t think he really minds, he is staying with me so” Ninamori replies for him.
“Oh really, Naota is that how you feel?” Grandpa speaks up saying. He takes a breath after speaking.

“So where will you be going?” Naota asks his father, speaking up on how he really feels

“Well, I was going to wait to tell you as we were leaving, but seeing how you are going to be staying here, and I’m not going to stop you, I suppose I’ll just tell you now. I’m taking your grandfather too---“

“Just tell me already!”

It was really bugging him for some reason, he didn’t ‘know why either. He felt like the answer would bring nothing but trouble.

Maybe I’m just worrying about it, cause I want to go with them. But I already said I was staying with Eri, and I can’t go back on that. I don’t want to, I want to stay with her. But I want to get out of this town too, I haven’t really been outside of town much in the past few years. Hardly at all, we make good money but we aren’t travelers at heart. I have gone to theme parks and such with Eri and her family has taking me to camping and stuff before. Nothing special. I would like to go wherever he is going, but it all depends on where…

“New York. Your grandfather and I are going to go see your brother” he says looking at Naota.

“New York!” Eri shouts in excitement. “Oh wow cool, America!”

Naota opens his eyes really wide, and then runs out of the room upstairs.

New York. My brother, Tasuku!

-=CHAPTER 5: You Hate Me So-=

-Later on that night, Naota’s Room-

Naota lays in his bed with his eyes closed, probably thinking about what he should do.

New York, my brother. Mabase, Eri…

He had changed out of his clothes and put on some black sweatpants that had a big “Mabase Express” on the left side, in Japanese mind you. He has a black white beater on to match his pants or he probably just thrown it on.

-Back in the dinning room-

Ninamori was confused when he had rushed out of the room. She gotten up to follow but his dad stopped him.

“Ninamori-san, would you help me clean up?” he asked holding his hand out to block her, still sitting down.

“Clean up? Where is Canti at? Doesn’t he always do it?”
“I sent him out for some things, besides I would like to talk to you”

She agreed and they started doing dishes, he washed them off and she rinsed them. There was quite a load at the sink, like they had piled up for two days. Maybe even more. They were quiet for most part unless he asked her to do something, or she had asked him something similar. Ninamori was always helping in the kitchen at home. Partly due to she was the only child and was required to do chores, and partly cause she was the only one around a good portion of the time. She had always taken Kamon to be a lazy oaf, and let all the work go to the robot they had. She had never seen him do much work, unless it was with that magazine he writes, or wrote she thinks to herself.

Watching him now though…he seems to know what he is doing. Even if it is a small thing like cleaning up the table, he seems almost like a decent father, I always thought of him as a lazy oaf

“So you want Nao to stay with you right?” he asks still scrubbing the plate he has in his hand.
The water from the faucet splashes onto the cup Ninamori has in her hand as she forgets she has it. She comes to and answers him.

“Yes…I’m sorry that we hadn’t asked you first.”
“No no no Ninamori-san, it’s alright. I’d rather have him stay with you than with some stranger,” he says in a low tone, still washing the dishes and putting them into the other tub. She rinses the plate and the bowl he hands to her. They don’t speak for a good twenty seconds and then she feels like she should break the silence.

“So…when are you going to New York?” she asks
“When Naota was little, there use to be a small well behind the house, by the playground across the street. It was originally a storm shelter but since basements had came along, no one used it. My dad decided to put water in there then, in case something ever happened, what he thought could happen, it beats me,” he says laughing a little. He washed a plate, a cup and then passes them onto her. She rinses them real quick and puts them in the strainer.
“Naota use to play on the hill were the well was, just like any other kid would. He always took matchbox cars and played around with them, you know having wars and stuff.”

Ninamori chuckled at the thought of Naota as a little kid. She pictured him on the hill, his hair being too poofy, and him in a small outfit with a cute voice.

“It poured for a whole week and when it had cleared up the next day, Nao asked if he could go play on the hill. I gladly told him yes, not knowing of what was to become.”

“What happened?” Ninamori asked, not sure of what could happen”

“Well since it had rained so much, and the well was so old, it had overflowed. Nao…fell in.”

“Oh no!” she says dropping the cup in her hand and putting her fists up to her mouth.

“He cried and cried for help, but the well was so far away I couldn’t hear him through the backdoor. Grandpa didn’t live with us at the time so he wouldn’t of been any help. His mother…”

“His mother?”

“His mother was coming back from the hospital. She was a nurse there, imagine that?” he said chuckling a little, then lowering his tone again. He hadn’t picked up another dish at the moment, he turned the faucet off, and rested his hands on the counter.

“So she rescued him right?”
“No!” she said getting in his face
“Tasuku did.” He said back at her
“His brother?” she says backing up
“He had heard him from the house, and ran out as fast as he could. By the time there mom had gotten to the well, Tasuku had already pulled him up and out. He was unconscious but his mom did…oh whatever the hell it’s called. Point is Naota almost died…”

She pictured the little boy on the hill again, and then falling into the water, crying for help, his dad nowhere in site, his mom not far, and his brother rushing to save him. She couldn’t picture his mom or his brothers face, she had never seen them before, though she had seen pictures of his brother, but not when he was young.

“Naota thought I could hear him since I was outside. He got so angry at me, told me he hated me, he even cursed at me! A five year old, cursing…I felt so bad, I tried to make it up to him, but he always has that in his heart. Tasuku was inside and heard him, so he thought I was doing it on purpose or something. I was shocked that a five year old could even think the way he was, on top of the way he was feeling…” he sinks his head and closes his eyes.

“After his mother had passed away, he only had Tasuku and I left. Then just a few years ago, Tasuku left from America to play baseball…and now he only has me left.”

He turns around and leans back against the counter.

“I’ve tried being a good father, giving Nao what he wants,” he looks at Ninamori
“I think I finally realize there is a certain place in his heart for me though. He hasn’t forgiven me to this day for what happened, but he has been better about things towards me, at least he talks to me”

Ninamori was speechless. He isn’t a lazy oaf at all…I didn’t think something like this could have ever happened! Maybe he SHOULD go to New York…

“Why…are you telling me this?” she asks not sure what to say. He looks at her, and she sees a face she has never seen on him before

“Ninamori-san, I’m telling you cause I believe Naota is truly in love with you.”

She blushes like she never has before, this time, she can’t even bring words to her mouth

“Uh….yea….” she manages to get out, feeling stupid.

“I mean don’t get me wrong, I don’t know if he will marry you or something!” he says, moving around like an idiot, trying not to look so serious.

“Marry me???” she says looking down, her face dark red.

Naota wants to marry me! Oh my god…that’s fantastic! Wait! I can’t get married? Oh who cares! No wait, he didn’t say that! Did he? I don’t care what he says, I just want Naota. Maybe I should finish school first? Well of course I'm going to finish school first!

Kamon looks at her. He can tell she has a million thoughts going through her head and decides to break her off

“Look I told you this because…”

“Because?” she says, her face going back to its normal hue.

“I’d like Naota to come with me to New York. He hasn’t seen his brother in such a long time…I think it would be good for him”

“Oh…I see” she says sinking. Just when I thought the world was the best it could be…he wants to take him still

“Well….I” she looks down and to the left, not looking back at him.

“You know…” he says putting a hand on his head, scratching it.

She looks at him still sad

“I guess…” he still scratches his head

“Yes!” she says becoming excited. He is going to let him stay! He has to, otherwise his image of him for me is devastated

“You could come too” he says smiling and shruggin.

Woah…I didn’t expect that, Naota is just like his father.

-=CHAPTER 6: Dreams and Escape-=

-Back in Naota’s bedroom-
Naota lays alone, fast asleep now. Hours pass, and he barely even moves. He isn’t under the big blanket he has, he just lays there. His eyes open. He rolls over to look out across his room and notices it’s a mess. Stuff laying around everywhere. His desk has a bunch of mail, and pictures on it. One falls off and he can barely make out what is on it, but it looks like Mamimi to him. To the right of the photo that fell, is the bass guitar Haruko left him. The front side faces him, staring him down. He keeps looking at it, not sure what to think. And then---the E string, just magically…strung itself.

His eyes opened wide, and he sat up wondering if he had just imagined it. He then noticed that some of the things on the ground weren’t his. Infact, all of it wasn’t his.

“Wait a sec,” he says. He looks up towards the top bunk, afraid to take an actual peek. He then looks back at all of the things on the ground, back to the pictures, and back to the guitar. The string goes off again, this time louder than it should sound, and it rings with a big bass hum. He doesn’t waste anymore time. He grabs onto the side railing and pulls himself up onto the top bunk. He lands his knee right on something hard and falls forward, stopping himself against the wall. A blanket is covering whoever it is, and he has a damn good idea.

Am I scared?

He shakes his head for feeling stupid and wasting more time than needed. He pulls the cover back to reveal the person.

“HARUKO!” he screams and he loses balance. He almost falls off the side, but something catches him and throws him back up. He looks at her and see’s her head is down but her hand is grasped around his arm. He is dazed and can’t make his brain function. She leans forward and grabs his head like she is going to kiss him. She opens her eyes as she lifts her head to look at him. She is wearing a red sweatshirt, and black pants like she has before. Her bracelet starts going crazy, and Naota glances at it, wondering if she is for real or not. The sound though, the cling that it makes, is so real, he accepts what he see’s.

“Takun…” she says her face sad and seductive at the same time. He is still dazed, his mouth opens and he can’t even breathe. She leans forward and kisses him. He grabs her head and kisses her back, like he had been dyeing to do it his whole life. He closes his eyes and they roll around on top of each other, not saying words just making more heat in the air. Naota rolls over on top of her, taking off his beater.

*Cue in…hmm let’s do an oldie. Truly, Madly, Deeply - Savage Garden*

“Takun…you’ve grown up…”she says looking at him and his body, just him in general and the way he is asking. She smiles at him, and he becomes even more aroused and happy.

“Yea no more calling me a kid,” he says, basically attacking her with his mouth, not letting her speak again. She rubs her hands all around his body, scratching him, as she wraps her legs around him. Keeping them that way as he takes her shirt off, and then, surprisingly to her and him alike, takes her pants off. He is so into it he doesn’t even realize something odd. Haruko’s figure, or what he remembers, looks nothing like this. Her body seems to be one of a teenager. She blushes, though he cannot see in the dark, and continues to take his pants off, but then stops short. He gazes from head to toe on her body and notices something odd but he can’t put a finger on it.

“What’s wrong?” she asks him. Just the sound of her voice makes Naota go crazy.

I don’t care!

He finishes taking his pants off and just as he is about to go in for it, Haruko stops him and looks at him. He stares at her unsure of why she stopped if she has gone this far. They lie there, their bodies pressed against each other.

“After all this time…I still can’t…let you go” he says in her ear. The hormones are starting to lose there umpf even though she is a position any guy would go crazy for. She rests her left hand on the back of his head, pulling him towards her, while still holding his --- with her other hand.

“Save it for next time...”she says closing her eyes.

Hormones a go-go! (Haha) he opens his eyes again.
“No!” he says leaning up and pushing both of her hands away. He grabs her by the thighs and enters. She widens her eyes and lets out a gasp. His eyes closed, but then he opens.

*cue out the song*


He looks to his side, and sees blue.

What the? He looks around more and notices he is on the floor in his room. He leans up and notices the mess he had saw is gone. His bass isn’t to be found, there are no pictures lying on his desk. All of it makes sense to him.

A dream…go figure…but man that was so real
It had only been two hours since the dinner time incident. He decided to get something to drink, cause the dream sure had made him sweat, I mean who wouldn’t after dreaming that. The lights were all of, except the small one plugged into a socket over the kitchen counter. He grabbed a cup from the cupboard. He grabbed the jug of water and filled it up.

Sink water is gross…this town’s especially

He then remembered about Ninamori.
Oh man, is she mad at me? He said to himself setting his cup down. He decided to look in the other room to see if she might of stayed over. She had on occasion without him knowing. He always wondered why she didn’t just sleep with him. They had done everything a couple would do, it was odd to him. Usually she would sleep on the couch, but to no avail she wasn’t there. He finished the cup of water and tossed it into the sink, before heading back upstairs. He looked at the clock, and set it in time to get up for school. The dream of Haruko on his mind, made him forget about the decision he had to make, or go back on, about New York that is.

*Cue in NERD – Run to the Sun*

He sat down on his bed and looked at the floor, pondering on everything. He was so deep into thought, he didn’t notice Ninamori enter his room.

Did I really mean what I said? Or was I just being a horny school boy? He laughed at the thought but then turned his mind serious again What about Eri? I thought…that I loved her. I do don’t I? Is Haruko really that important to me still? Psh hell no. No way. Eri is the one I love. I may have loved Haruko once, but…she isn’t anything but trouble. Right? Right. Eri is good to me, and she really likes me, loves me even. I should stay with her and be with her. Haruko…is just a fantasy. Yea, that’s it. And that will be it from now on.

Ninamori sat down on the bed next to him, and he noticed her then. She made him jump but then once he realized it was her, he immediately spoke.

“Eri! I’m sorry for running off like that, I don’t know why I did, it was really stupid” he said resting his hand on her and moving close to her.

“It’s alright Naota…” she said moving close to him also. She had changed into one of Naota’s old t-shirts, and her own purple pajama pants. She had put her hair up into a pony tail, and the big strand went all the way down her back.

“I should of thought that he would want to go see Tasuku. He’d go only when he would get kicked out of the country” he said wrapping his other arm around her. She leaned her head against his chest and closed her eyes. She really liked moments like this, when Naota was all lovey-duby. To her, he always seemed to be caring, but was always a little shy in public, or acted all manly. This makes up for it she says to herself. She yawns and moves out from his arms and lays down behind him. He looks at her and is surprised.

*cue out song*

“You’re sleeping here? Is that were you are sleeping?” he asks her. Déjà vu…

“I want to tonight,” she replies opening one of her eyes and pulling on his shirt. He lays down next to her and she pulls herself closer.

“I think…you should go to New York” she tells him.

“What? Why? I want to stay with—“ she interrupts him before he can finish

“It’ll be hard to be without you…but I want you to go”

“But why?” he says not understanding.

“You want to see your brother don’t you?” she asks him her eyes closed.
“Yea but”

“I know you do…and I want you to go see him” she tells him. I don’t think his father wanted him to know that he told me what had happened…he probably thinks I don’t want him to stay with me

“Why are you changing your mind all of a sudden? Do you not want me to stay?”

“No I want you to!” she says opening her eyes and leaning up. He moves back an inch or two.

“Alright you don’t have to yell!”

“Sorry, just go see him alright? I’ll be ok” she says laying back down.

“Fine…” he says. What the hell is her problem…
He lays down next to her and rolls over on his other side.
“Naota…” she says. He doesn’t respond.
I can’t tell him why…he’ll get even more mad than he probably already is

“Will you look at me?” she asks. He doesn’t respond for a moment but then rolls over. His eyes are off to the side though

“I want to see my brother, but I want to stay with you…”

“You know, you worry too much about things,” he looks at her now. “I’ll be ok Nao, thirty days isn’t anything at all, and if you want to come back earlier, that’s fine too. Either way…you know I’ll be waiting for you”

Earlier? He thinks to himself. Yea! Why didn’t I think of that! Why am I being a pussy about this? I’ll just go for a week or two, she’ll be ok, she’s a women, women always adapt to things, they can hold onto something for their whole life right? Well I don’t know about that, infact I don’t know about half the things I just said, but screw it

He nods his head and all the worries he had just seemed to flush down the toilet for him. She smiles and closes her eyes.

“Just lay with me tonight ok?” she says and before she can open her eyes again, Naota pulls her close, kisses her and then they fall asleep.

-The Next Morning, Morning, a BEAUTIFUL day!-

The two wake up and are as happy as can be. Naota makes breakfast and they both chit chat while eating, and then they head off to school on the Vespa. They get there in record time, as Naota drives through back alleys and on sidewalks etc. They don’t have a lot of classes together, just P.E., Algebra, and Lunch. They both get through the day as happy as can be. Then seventh hour P.E. comes around.

-Outside, school grounds, early afternoon-

Students are getting stretched out and what not. They are all dressed in matching shirts, the boys wear shorts, the girls bloomers (I think that’s right). Naota walks up along side Ninamori as the teacher starts talking about the days activites. He is wearing track pants instead of shorts, but has a matching t-shirt, and a soccer ball in his arm.

“Alright guys, today I’m thinking ‘bout a little round of soccer”

*Cue in Paper Triangle- The Pillows*

While the kids get into teams, the teacher starts talking to Naota in private. Ninamori glances over after she is picked on a team, her hair in a ponytail again.
Hmm wonder what that is all about, I hope he doesn’t say anything about me.

-Hallway, a few minutes ago-

Kids are heading outside in the gym uniforms, while Ninamori is talking to Mr. Ray.

“So you see Mr. Ray, I thought I would tell you that he was going to be gone.” She says to him

“It’s alright Ninamori-san,” he says placing a hand on her shoulder. “I already knew, his father informed the school this morning and I got word of it over lunchtime, or at least I think that’s when…well nevertheless I knew.”

“Ah good, well see you outside,” she said and started running outside.

“You know, school is almost over, summer is about to start” he said to her.

“I know,” she said stopping.

“You’re alright with him going? Doesn’t it
make you sad?”

“Well you see…I could go with him…but I don’t want to get in the way”

He smiles, knowing she’s lying. “I see. That’s very grown up of you. Head on out now”

She nods her head and runs outside. Did he just say that’s grown up of me?
Not knowing what to feel at the moment she just shoves it off her mind.

-Going back to them talking-

“So I hear you are going to be gone for awhile?”
“Schools almost over” he says not wanting to talk to him

“I know that, I was just wondering if it’s a choice you made yourself”
Naota looks at Mr. Ray

“Of course it is,” he replies back

“Really?” he says smiling, not believing him.

“What’s it matter to you anyway?”
He doesn’t respond at first. He throws the ball.

“Doesn’t mean anything” he says as an airplane passes over them (high in the sky of course)

Naota walks up beside him.

“Having hair on your body, and shaving doesn’t make you an adult. You have to make the right choices, and learn who is important to you, and what is bad in your life.”

Naota looks at him angry

“Look she said it was ok if I went!”

“Who did? Ninamori-san”

“Yea, so back off! And I’m sick of you lecturing me, you aren’t my father so leave me alone!” he says starting to walk away.

“Haha, Naota I know you and her are alright, I wasn’t even talking about her” he says to him

Naota stops. Well then who are you talking about?

“Game on!”

“Wait who were you talking about?”

“Forget it,” he says looking back at him. “You seem in a good mood, I don’t want to give you any problems, besides we’re not that close. Women say a lot of things you know, sometimes they lie just to get attention, sometimes they do it because they have to. Men can have just as well a painful effect as women.”

"What are you talking about?" he says more calm. Am I actually listening to him?

"Don't let something else get in your path. The right path. You know what I'm talking about" he says as some of his hair dye falls off revealing his bright red hair. He catches it and drops it on the ground.
He starts to play the game with the students, and Naota stares at him, actually understanding him, and dare he say it. You know...he isn't a bad cat after all...

[b][size=18]I can't post anymore I guess, you
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Postby dennis20014 » Tue Jul 24, 2007 7:53 am

Lol guess no one likes this or something
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Postby William » Tue Jul 24, 2007 11:47 pm

Probably not many people have looked at it, and actually read it all...
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Postby NENE » Wed Jul 25, 2007 12:05 am

i guess its alright i mean da begining is original
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Postby dennis20014 » Wed Jul 25, 2007 12:16 am

I figured lol I don't like long posts so I don't blame em
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Postby Mesmerize » Thu Jul 26, 2007 5:13 am

Just now got the motivation to read it all.....It's pretty good, probably better than what I could do, and I like the fact that this seems (so far, I don't know where you'll go from here) to be drawn out in a reasonable portion, which sets it apart from most short fanfics I've read that seem to really rush the story. Keep up the good work 8) .
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Postby dennis20014 » Thu Jul 26, 2007 5:30 am

Oh wow thanks lol I guess I'll write another piece, just cause one post! Yea alot of them I have read seem to bring everything back at once just for the w/e you wanna call it. I'll post tomorrow another part

K I updated it, have a go at it if you dare, I didn't really want to make it so deeply sexual, I mean like have sex and stuff in it, I want it to relate. Though I'll try to imply some original innuendo's but I won't compare to the writers that's for sure lol
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Postby Mesmerize » Sun Jul 29, 2007 2:50 am

Wow, so far this is pretty good :) . I've got a few questions, but I'll keep them for now, cause I could just be jumping the gun and you haven't gotten around to describing/adding on to what I'm wondering about yet...

Once again, good job :v:
When a man lies, he murders some part of the world.
These are the pale deaths which men miscall their lives.
All this I cannot bear to witness any longer,
Cannot the kindom of salvation take me home?
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Postby dennis20014 » Sun Jul 29, 2007 3:04 am

Thanks much. I'll write another chapter either tonight or tomorrow, I'm not sure yet, but I'm pretty sure it'll answer some questions, or at least one for ya 8)
(Also I'd like to add, I'm pretty big on detail on scenery, but most locations you all know of so that's why I have just been putting the time of day)
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Postby dennis20014 » Wed Aug 01, 2007 12:24 am

Updated, and titled the story. Some of the parts I felt like were a little weird, but I wanted to give some background to how Eri and Naota started dating. I also wanted to emphasize that even though Naota has matured, he has started to question himself, and his choices. I also put in a part with Canti though it was kind of fodder, since I wrote this at like five in the morning so I might revise it, let me know what you think (It's my bday!)
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Postby dennis20014 » Wed Aug 01, 2007 9:37 pm

Upped again, edited some stuff. Hope the title will peek more readers/interest, I had planned it like that from the start so lol
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Postby Mesmerize » Thu Aug 02, 2007 3:38 am

Well once again not much I can think of to say besides good job lol, nothing really seems to need criticism from what I read. Was kinda hard to imagine Kamon driving a motorcycle, but I guess that just cause you never really see him much anywhere else besides at the house :). Almost had me going on who was actually driving the motorcycle until I read that it was Kamon :wink:.

I guess everyone is equally as lazy as I was about reading this, shame they don't, this is one of the better fanfics around.
When a man lies, he murders some part of the world.
These are the pale deaths which men miscall their lives.
All this I cannot bear to witness any longer,
Cannot the kindom of salvation take me home?
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Postby dennis20014 » Thu Aug 02, 2007 3:47 am

Thnkx lol I see that it has alot of views but who knows if people actually read it all, so I'll just look and see what you have to say lol

Oh it was Kamon? lol you don't say
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Postby dennis20014 » Sun Aug 05, 2007 8:56 am

Look for a new chapter either tomorrow or next day. Currently I am busy with Odin Sphere lol
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Postby petrol punk » Sun Aug 05, 2007 7:35 pm

Sweet, this'll give me something to do tomorrow.
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