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Raves & Reviews for : FL CL - 2nd co M.M. ing.

Postby N.O._creator_ATOMSK » Thu Dec 21, 2006 3:25 am

this would be the next kickass movie..to continue with the saga..the fact i wrote 20 episodes on file..wishing they we're copyrited.by gintax..took a while to obtain the info and it looks like this is how t needs to be..they want 50,000 sigatures..and $185,000 u.s. so enjoy it..while you can..doubt anyone will come quite as close to this here ya go..when reading this you must first take alook into the past.. then it continues ten years later..enjoy i worked my ass off on it..
- Atomsk -

for those who do not understand must first understand,
what nurilogical output is. his head is a channel..
for unsuspecting preditors..to come through at anytime..
but his head must first recieve enough stress to pull,
whatever is captured with in the nexis.
like a channel someone has to have enough n.o. to pull the object from his head..
noone has been able to do this..except for hauara haruko
a.k.a haruhara reharu,her madien name is unknown..
for the pirate king ATOMSK,erased all knowledge from her head in an attempt,
to hide himself from the forces of medical mechanica..
in order to connect m.m. with this planet. one of there machines must activate,
the facility here in order to send the becon into space once more..
the first attempt at igniting the beacon,
was when the pirate king was trapped with in the facility on earth..
this took both haruko and naota to free atomsk from his capture..but..
much to haruko's suprise atomsk's n.o. had made his so powerfull.
he transformed from a humanoid into a gigantic phenoix.
thus incinerating the machine that activated the becon on earth..
he then escaped into the unknown regions of space..
where to this day..the space police brotherhood still searches for him..

commander amuaro of the space police brotherhood is the leader,
a more private eye when it comes to earth and there descretions..
his eyebrows keep his head from forming bumps just like naotas
but to a much smaller extent..
he has no where near the n.o. powers like that of naota's..
his head can produce smaller weapons to use at his disposal.
but it is absolutly nothing compared to naota's abilities..
using tetra transformations through the robot helper known as canti..
naota can use this awsome weapon at his disposal.
but it take a required amount of concentration..
thus the battle for earth still continues..10 years have passed since that fatefull day..and naota is now a man.
the small town of maybase tokyo has grown and flourished..
after the inncodent with medical mechanica..
it is still very much a place where nothing amazing ever happons..
people come and go..the shops open and close..
daily life continues as if nothing ever happoned..
but there is only one thing that remains the same..
the old facility at the top of the hill out of town..
now abandonded,the once steam that bellowed out from the stacks
at the same time every day..no longer does...instead.
It sits there..waiting once more..to be activated..
10 years later....

- End Of Evangelion -
Episode 7 - A Special Homecomming -

In the beginning we find our young hero tuning his guitar
in the old hangout him and mammi shared when they were younger..
mammi now a small town reporter looking for storys around town
to indulge in to make her name is off duty to day still the same
old girl..nothing really changing about her apperience..
looking a little older and more mature..naota looking very mature
for his age ..even so much as sprouting a small gotee from his chin..
this look on his face is of depression..for reasons unknown..
once again..mammi swinging her aluminium bat and smoking while naota
tunes his guitar trying to perfect a current work in progress.
his hand gently tuning it's head while she practices her swing
with the baseball chucking it far off into the nearby feild..
then she begins to explain what naotas brother told her about
the perfect swing...once again that moral of his came out of her mouth..
"arms spread..as wide as the hips..focus on your target..
don't hesitate to swing..and then..just hit hit hit..takime.hokoku.!"
he pauses tuning his guitar and calmly tuns his head twords her..
"you know..ever since you came back..it's like nothings changed.."
she smiles back calmly at him.."it's exactly what your brother taught me
about baseball..theres really nothing wrong with his medafore..
but i lack the strength that he had..
..not like id be a good player..id ruin my uniform.."
-he looks down at his guitar saying nothing..just
continues to tune as if she had said nothing of any importiance..-
"naota..what happoned after..she left..you know..
did you ever get what you needed from that experience..?"
her streight hair was waving slowly in the wind..
as she looked down at naota she realized his current mood..
just then 3 keys played by themself's upon the rickenbacker.
.signifiying a being with tremondious n.o. abilities..
mamimi looks at him.."did you do that ..are you finally controlling
that side of your head naota.?" she looks at him with awe..
not noticing he was amazed at what he saw..
"it..wasn't me.." he looked into the sky as a plane
slowly passes by into the horizion.
the dimming sky signifiyed that the day was ending..
and he thought to himself while mamimi sat next to him
"then..that sure was strange..i havn't seen somthing like that since.."
-he glared at her with fieriosity-
"do..not mention that name..ever.." mamimi looked puzzled back at him..
but never said a word..
and so he sat up placed his guitar into it's case and slowly
started to walk back tword the huge bridge..
mamimi slowly following behind naota in the distiance..
as to not be noticed by him.
as he slowly walks back into town carrying the case on his
shoulder mamimi finally catches up with naota
screaming in the distiance.." hey.! naota.! wait up will ya.?"
he stops not really noticing that she is panting and weezing..
she stops and places her hands on her knees trying to catch her breath
all the while not noticing naota continues to walk..very slowly..
there are drivers and people comming from the hometown game that
was played just earlier that day the townsfolk are disturbed
and distrught at the sight the traffic does not move one bit
and naota notices there are alot of people beeping
there horns and screaming about the jamming of the town bridge..
mamimi finnaly catches up with naota and grabs a
hand forcefully and holds it as they walk..she notices
there are alot of people on this bridge..much more then usuall.
"boy must of been a big game tonight there are sure alot of people
fighting about the traffic jam.."
naota not saying a single word continues to walk down the long
bridge and with mamimi at his side.
"i dont care about baseball..it was my brothers thing..not mine.."
he continues to not notice there is somthing incredibly wrong with
the disturbance of this area .the drivers now start to get out of
there cars and start walking tword the source of the accident.
the comotion of the drivers finally catch the eye of naota..
"somthings..terribly wrong here.."
he looks and tries to focus his eyes so he can see in the distiance
"why its probably just another accident nothing serious but i do
hope noone got hurt" mamimi says as she lights another smoke up.
naota starts to run off as mamimi keeps walking and comes to the source of the accident..
a huge gap between the outer side and the inner side of town
blocks there path..then out of no where a huge robot of
tremendious force emmerges from the gap transforming it's self as it tryes to climb back up twords our hero.
it's true form has yet to be emmerged..
suddenly out of nowhere he finds mamimi screaming in the distiance
as naota looks for her he finnaly finds she is already
captured by the machine.
hands slamming the giant hand and her kicking is having
no effect as she despretly trys to break free.
"mamimi.!" naota screams while breaking out his guitar.
"i'll save you!...just hang on.!!"
she screams in panic.."naota help me please!.it hurts.!!"
she screams from the machines grip on her
and as it tightns up she starts to scream even more from the pain..
"dammit.." he says while reving up the start to his rickenbacker..
" let..her go..it's me your looking.for ..i am the one.."
he starts to flare up and fly at the machine .the tramendous
force from him slamming his guitar upon its base shook the machine
and it releases its captive..naota flyes and catches mamimi and sets
her down in a safe zone away from the battle..
" stay her while i deal with this monster.."
she looks back with concern..he then takes off and heads back into the battle zone..
the medicial mechanica machine now fully transformed now uses its arms 6 fold
starts heading twords the facility at the top of the highest hill
of town.the sounds of it moving are thunderous..
as it slowly pulls it's self tword the facility.
the townsfolk start to run and panic.
3 of naotas friends start to roll off in an old truck.
there movments are nothing compared to the machines forceful pace.
they despratly try to escape. but get totalled, by the machine now leaving a huge trail.
twords the m.m. facility. naota despratly trys to contact canti but to no avail.
"guess i need to handle this on my own".he then flyes at an alarming rate.
the machine gains ground tword the facility as naota trys to
confront it on the hillside.
he then flyes twords it making it stop in mid movment..
just then the machine does a transformation and its head turns into
a gun..thus propelling our hero into a nearby building..
mamimi in the heat of battle screams for naota as he despratly trys to regain himself.
"NAOTA.!" hearing her screams he plunges out of the wreakage and back into the battle.
he then starts to battle it head on..swinging his guitar with tremendous force.
keeping the huge machine at bay.its balance is faulterd and it falls onto the ground.
a thunderous sound could be herd from the distiance.
mamimi hopps up and down in excitement.." yes he did it.!" little does she realize..
it takes alot more then that to destroy it..
naota knowing the battle is not over flyes high into the sky,
weilding his guitar,and skydiving with extreme force into the belly
of the machine. a loud concussion from the guitar could be herd far off in the distiance.
for a split second there was absolute silence.
then a huge explosion in the middle of the downtown area could be seen for miles.
the shock wave starts to throw everyone within the vicinity onto there backs.
the tremendous force is so powerfull it literally throws the machine into the air..
inturn naota strikes with force such is never been seen by man..
and sends the machine flying into space once more..
there is little panic now after the huge battle and mamimi looks into the sky once more..
naota comes back twords mamimi to make sure shes alright..
"are..you alright..mamimi..?" he ask's while checking the rickenbacker to see if there is damage.
she dusts herself off and stands up once more.."yes..
but my smokes were crushed douring my capture..
guess i'll have to buy another pack.."
he looks at her with concern..
"and whats this asking me about hauko..you know as well as i
we both havnt seen her since she left..it's just better to forget her.."
he places his guitar back into it's case and starts to walk back home .."
besides it's not like we'll ever see her again..she's after the pirate king.."
he shurgs his shoulders as he walks.."besides..
shes long forgotton about me by now..see ya.."
she looks as he walks off in the distiance.
she then smiles and says.."still the same old person..takuun.."

- F L 2 C L -

later that day he finds that he passed out in his bed..
the room he stays in has changed..
no longer harboring anything of his brothers.. his bed is no longer a bunkbed,
and has new posters, and a stand in the corner for his guitar, still very much small..but exceitable for his own use.
he sighs and throws his socks back on. and leave his room to head for the kitchen dowstairs.
next looking at him while he stumbles down the stairs and into the kicten..
much to his suprise..the only family member in there..was the house cat.
eating from it's dish as he fumbles through the fridge looking for somthing to drink..
when suddenly the phone rings.. he awnsers is an almost groggy voice..
"hello..?" he then drops the phone in suprise..the shock from whoever
was on the phone struck him in the most pequilier manor.
he then starts to dash outside..but noone was there..
he stands there..looking into the sky.but nothing was there..
sighingly walking back into his house..he then puts the reciver back on the phone..
and starts to head back into the kitchen..
when low and behold who should be there..but his father getting ready to eat dinner..
"naota-kun..who was on the phone..?" he looks a little puzzled at him.
not noticing that before there was noone in the house,
or the store for that matter..he calmly replies to his father..
"i thought you were in america..visiting with tasuku?..did you decide not to.?"
his father looks at him with a vicious look..
"those damned officers there crooks.." he explains as he eats.
"they locked me up for loitering,the first day i was there.
i was so embarrassed when your brother came to get me that i had to come back.
hence the bruses..but ill live..oh and here"
he tosses naota a new shirt from his brother.
"he sends his reguards..and says he hopes to hear from you sometime.."
naota not looking at his father.he then grips the new shirt that
was givin to him..a depressing look appears on his face..
and thus throwing down the shirt,he then runns back upstairs into his room
there he sits for quite a while..tuning his guitar in complete silence..
not noticing the taps from his window..outside mammi trys to invoke
naota's attention by throwing pebbles at his up stairs window..
but to his avail..he does not come to the window..
distrught she finally gives and leaves.
as she leaves a shooting star could be seen in the horizion..

- F L 2 C L -
the next day we find canti raking leaves out side there family shop
as the winds blow,the leaves sweep back up into the yard..
he then shows a sweatdrop on his screen face..and continues to rake
the leaves up into another pile.
only for the winds to once again blow them back out into the yard again.
inside the house it is quiet..the sounds of bird's could be herd churping
outside of naotas window..but the young man is still asleep.
just then another series of pebbles rapp outside of his window,
he then gets up still rubbing an eye as he heads for his window.
he slowly opens it only to get socked in the head by another pebble..
he stands there with an expression of grumpyness..
a small indentation of the pebble hitting him, still sits on his forhead/
"what the hell is wrong with you mamimi..It's only 7:30am and the sun aint fully risin..?!"
his face shows anger and frustration as he screams at her from his room window..
"but takuun..? theres somthing on tv i need to show you..!"
he then pauses in his anger to say.."fine come in then..but this had better be good.."
she then smiles and bows to him before entering the family backery at the end of town.
she then rushes twords the living room and turns on the television.
there on the news there was mamimi reporing her very first story..in midtown mabee tokyo..
as she jumps up and down in excitement.
she explains to him that yesterdays events gave her the top spot for news anchor..
"i'm so happy she says as she hugs him and giggles"
he smiles a bit but then goes back into his grumpy mood..
"i'm just not in a good mood today.."
she then settles down instantly..and saks..
"why takuun..was there somthing bad that happoned lastnight..?"
he looks down not saying a word..his expression could clearly be seen,
she then starts to put her shoes back on and simply says this..
"takuun..you need time to think..about what your going to do..ither find where you belong..
or live without it..ither way it's your choice."
then she skips out the front door.he then slams it behind her,
and starts to walk into the kitchen..once again the phone mysteriously rings..
and naota is forced once again to awnser it.
slowly he picks it up hopeing someone normal is on the other end..

he awnsers it..knowing once again the other end of the phone is silent..
and so he places it back on the reciver..
and starts to head outside twords his hangout,
to pratice his music in peace..or whatever peace of mind he can find..
he slowly walks along the riverside road,
heading twords the old bridge into town..
walking slowpaced and enjoying it every step of the way..
"nothing amazing,ever happons..here"..he says as he continues to walk..
his bordom reaches new heights as he kicks a few rocks walking into town..
his case shines glimmerly in the sun as he stops for a drink on the roadside.
cars pass behind him as he sips on his cola drink..the sour taste makes him,
remember the times when she was here..
he then tosses it in the trash can next to the soda despensor.
mamimi calls to him in the distiance "hey..naota.!"
as she waves to him running up the stairs to him on the old bridge.
he looks at her,noticing her outfit is tatterd and somewhat stained.
she is very much happy to see him,as she stops at the top of the stairs.
"i was waiting for you takuun..where were you..?"
the look on her face is of concern for him,
as he continues to stand there looking dead at her.
"i'm fine just a little distracted..that's all.."
he slides aside of her heading down the stairs and along the riverbank.
she follows him,like a lost puppy wondering what his concern is all about.
he sits at his usual spot and opens his case with holding his guitar..

the preasent..hauko left him so many years ago..atomsk the pirate king was released ten years ago..ever since medical mechanica has been despretly trying to reactivate the becon..naota has been defending it this whole time..never once thinking of anyone else..but her..things we're hard for him..
the bright blue and white guitar shines in the morning sun as he tryes to tune it once more..
mamimi sits next to him folding her legs sideways and trying to get comfortable as he trys to sing and play.
again his expressions show depression and mamimi quietly looks back at him..starring at him in quiet awe..
his movments of the guitar are exactly like hauko's,when she played..
the melody much the same..as if naota is trying to remember the melody she played..punkrock style..
mamimi looks at the sky and notices a small but glowing red star in the sky..
"thats strange.."she says as she points it out to naota..
"it's probably the machine i sent into space from yesterday.
oh and by the way..how are you feeling..?"
his face showing little concern for mamimi as she coughs a bit then lights up a cigarette.
"i'm still alive..right..?..that has to count for somthing.."
as she puffs,she lets it hang from her lips.
the smoke bellowing from her mouth as she gazes up,
at the glowing red star..
naota looks at her watching her as she breathes..and it reminds him of the old facility,
and how the smoke would bellow from its pipes evey day at the same time..
but no longer does the smoke bellow from its stacks..
the facility stands alone,silent at the top of the hillside to town.
the husstle and busstle of the townsfolk could clearly be seen from the distiance.
a plane could be seen in the distiance of the sky and a flock of birds,
fly by the facility as its face rusts away and decays.
naota then stands up and starts to glare at the star..
wondering if it was a good choice to leave that robot in space like that.
naota ponders if the force he had created pushed the machine farther away then predicted..
he then sees it explaode..but no sound could be herd..
he then sits back down,and tryes to play his guitar once more..
but the guitar starts to play on its own..playing only a few unknown strings..
"thats it..!.."screams naota..he then looks into the sky and smiles mamimi notices his looks ..and notices,
it's the happiest sight she has seen him in..for along time.
he looks up gazing into the day sky looking..wondering..what is out there..

- F L 2 C L -

later that night naota has a disturbing dream..
of standing on a planet totally smoothed over by medicial mechanica.
the facilities are nowhere to be found.
he wonders a bit looking in ither direction..
screaming out in the silent of the night.."hello.!..hello.?"
suddenly a faded vision of hauko comes into view right in front of him..
"hows your head kid..?" she asks as she floats above his head kind of knocking on it.
seeing if there is still some reaction to his n.o. abilities..
"im..fine.." he says grabing his head and backing away.
"not like you'd care anyways.." his expression is of excitement but also of depression.
she then turns back tword him and she says.."you know..your head is the only one that works.."
her vision floats infront of naota's face. she smiles as she kisses his nose.
"besides you think i could ever find the pirate king without you.?"
her small gaze is set on naota as he tryes to forget about her and slowly turns his head.
he then starts to say to himself repeatedly.."this is only a dream.."
she looks back at his her vision flyes over his
head and stops infront of his face once more..
"if this was a dream could i do this..?"
she breaks out a totally new guitar..one naota has never seen before.
and proceeds to strike his head repeatedly.."i'll make you feel all better,..takuun.!"
her psychotic laugh screaming in his head scares the hell out of him..
suddenly naota awakes in the safty of his beadroom..
the sweating from his brow and the heat of the room awakes him from slumber..
expression on his face is of fear..he then checks his forhead..
to make sure there are no bumps..nothing scared him more then the
bump he recieved before canti came here..
he continues to stare at his wall curling up in the fetal position..
and thinking of his dream..she was there..but not to the extent that naota was hopeing..
he then hits the wall.and covers his head the thoughts still run through his head..

he cannot stop thinking of ...her..

the next day.. naota is sitting outside of the family backery,
tuning his guitar while watching canti rake leaves into a plastic bag..
once more..trying to dispose of the clutter..
his eyes gase upon canti as he calmly rakes and bags the leaves up..
and brings them to the trash..thus continuing its daily chores..
he then heads inside the backery to help shingekuni out with the inventory.
once again we find naota alone and pondering about life in general..
when suddenly there was an explosion that could be herd for miles..
he the leaps up in a shock and heads to the nearest hill to see what it was..
looking onto the downtown area he finds smoke comming from the midtown
section and thus bursts off to the zone.just the we see kammon's face appear from the upstairs window
screaming at naota as he flyes off into the distiance.
"be back before 8pm we're having curi!.."
he flyes at an alarming rate racing tword the smokey area..
the flare colored stream could be seen from the sky for miles.
he stops above one of the cities sky scrapers and looks down upon the smokey debree.
when out of now here a giant mechanical hand flyes at him
trying to grab our hero.Quickly he then backs off with amazing speeds.
and stops above the middle of two more skyscrapers..
he sees the extention of the arm flying into the air with 2 huge,
red and green cables comming from the back of the hand and,
trailing down to there the base of the machine is..
he then watches as the machines hand trys to balance it's self out.
and stands on one of the many sky scrapers. he sees his target..
a gigantic red and green glowing eye comming from the palm of the huge hand.
the symbol it shines is of medicial mechanica..much the same as canti's.
he flyes at his opponent with blinding speeds,only to be knocked back into
another of the cities skyscrapers..his power now at it's peak he calls out for the help of canti the robot machine,
that terra transforms into the semisonic 5000..
A buster so powerfull it can go through the earths toughest metals..
canti takes off through the roof of the backery and flyes off into the battle zone where naota fights for his life..
"damn that blasted robot why can he use the door like normal beings..?"
says an angered shingekumi looking up through the hole in the backery's roof and into the next floor where kamon now stood..
he blinks back at his old man and simply says.."guess we need a new roof..?"
we find another speeding ball heading twords earth a much smaller one but
screaming inward at an alarming rate.and smashes just outside of the city limits.
naota continues to battle with the machines arm and,swings as hard as he can,
still fighting off any resistiance the machine my give him.
but the machine is too powerfull and knocks him back once more.
he then screams in a fit of rage and flyes head on into the machines grasp.
canti then comes from behind and grabs the cables powering the machines
it then opens it's self to naotas attack and he then busts through the machines barroir.
his force could slowly be seen as he passes through the middle of the hand
as canti open's himself to naota and swollows him whole.
the machine then explods and canti stands with in the blast with not a scratch on him.
we see the young man in a interdimentional area where the lightbulb once again screws its self into our heros head..there is no resistiance.
no pain from his expression when it screws its self into his head.
he has trained his mind to become one with canti.
and thus canti changes from blue to bright red.
and bursts inward into the center of the sky scraper.
now at street level canti transforms into the cannon and searches for its target.
when out of nowhere on there left side another of the huge
machines hands grabs them and pulls them out of building.
it then lifts it's self to full view,grabing our hero and throwing its fist into another of the cities skyscrapers.
the dabrie scatters to the streets below and innocent bystandards
run and scream in panic as the huge bolders of concrete fall upon them.
it then releases it's grasp upon naota and canti,
now merged together the red crome machine,
stands once more and prepares for the m.m. machine to strike at it.
it trys to deliver a blow but canti stops it from pushing it's self into the building.
its tremendous force pushes it slowly but canti stays firm..
just then out of no where there is a desguised person riding a yellow vespa and
wheilding another guitar..gung-ho style the person swings there guitar into the base of the hands top spliting it in two.
the now stands infront of canti tossing its disguise off and revealing there face..saying inturn..
"..alright..i'm here and I know whats going on.." she says as she reves her guitar back up.
glowing gold eyes and the redish pink hair could plainly how it was none other then haruko..
back from her journeys to find the pirate king.
she then heads off into the wild blue searching to the base of the machine.
canti soon following her..
she looks down and somewhat around the vicinity,
the machine would possibly be.
looking very carefully in her old fasion spazz of a manor.
"where could it be .?" she says as she looks around the city streets.
the base of the machine cannot be seen fron the smoke,
bellowing from the drop zone,where the smoke was emmenating from.
suddenly the machine starts to moove underground and it's trail could clearly be seen..
haruko screams.." it's a digger.!" and races off tword the facility.


As the machine dug closer twords it's target,
the old medicial mechanica facility.
hauko and canti,race for time.As the digger gains ground,
...Time is of the essance for our two heros.
"we have to destroy that thing as soon as possible.."
she says as they race twords the end of the tunnel.
where the digger is continuing its path twords its destination..
"we'll both have to use our powers fully combined..
if not,we don't stand a chance aginst this thing."
canti follows closly ever so silent,just following her knowing the danger ahead..
"It's just up ahead..we should hurry.."
she says bursting and weilding her weapon.canti doing the same..
up ahead the machine is soon seen from the distiance..
its metallic shell could clearly be seen the debree it scatters,
makes it hard for them to get close enough to damage it.
haruko now within range,starts to burst her guitar changing shape
as she flyes tword the machine at supersonic speeds..
canti's screen head now glowing with the same flared color
light,as naota and atomsk,grabs the end of the object trying to break through the channel..
- F L 2 C L -
meanwhile as comander amarao and lut.kitsurabami look on from the mothership obsurvatory..
he then looks on from a still positioned bycicle fan pettling continously.
As he watches from the front of the room,the fan somewhat blowing all the hot air,
around the room as he pettels he then is sweating from his workout.
continously looking on as our heros fight the giant mechanical being.
"sir?..hasn't this gone on long enough?" she says looking on to him ,
he then quits peddling and looks back."relax..if they try to activate the Iron,we'll just have to blow the damn thing up before it reaches the facility."he then started to continue his workout.."I planted a bomb,six months after they decomissioned it 10 years ago.".still starring at him she then says." yes I know that day..that was when atomsk was freed."
he then sighs still riding the bikefan."yes..he still is out there..but where I havn't a clue.my only leads are these two..haruhara..and naota..without them..well never find him again."now panting he then stops and takes another breather.she look back at the two heros as the advance upon the nightmarish creature. its now towering body borrowing underneath the small city.

-Now both within range weilding there new-found weapons..
canti and haruko race closer using an infinity formation while flying in the air,one flying higher then the other. there formation,streaming the machines beed on them."we gotta do it now canti.!" says haruko going gungho style one the machine.canti then burst the same way and both forcefully swing into the machine..it then stops and explodes.
they both then fly back and watch as the fireworks fly from the machine now destroyed.
they both pose in victory,thus ending the threat.for another while.
she says."heh too easy."and flips her guitar onto her arm holding the strap and looking back at canti.canti then opens up like a shell.
thus producing naota from its body.he then opens his eyes and moves forward,as canti then transforms back into it's solid form.
they both gaze for a moment agressly.the only light shining is from cantis tv head. he then looks down a bit hiding his face from her and says."heh..truly,a blessing in desguise." she then smiled back.

on the next fooly cooly: naota seemes triggered by the power force of atomsk's n.o. commander amarao chases both naota and haruko to the top of the facility..only to be greeted by a familier face..least to haruko..when she faints from seeing the mysterious stranger..
on the next fooly cooly..- the vespa lady rides again -
"haruko..he's back..but this time..he's not comming for you.."
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Postby I am Alive » Thu Dec 21, 2006 4:13 am

Is this really copyrighted by Gainax :shock: I don't believe you :C5:
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Postby .miniman. » Thu Dec 21, 2006 10:12 am

Is this really copyrighted by Gaianax? Your trying to fool us right? So lemme get this straight, you have a movie AND 20 episodes lined up with gaianax?
If this is true, when can we expect anything?
I shall read this, just answer my question.
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Postby N.O._creator_ATOMSK » Thu Dec 21, 2006 7:06 pm

it would take exactly that to obtain the rights for flcl. the signatures and the money for production,the time the effort. i have reciently been in contact with some or the representitives of gintax..this is what they tell me..."they'll take it into concideration..". it is there choice and there's alone to produce it..I've submitted this story to them..Hoping they will.. I've also let them know i've been writing endless amounts of hours.creating 20 episodes..this is only one..hope this helps. if so..gintax will have its next blockbuster hit..till then one can only dream right.? "if they do..Then i assume it will be around 2010 or 2011 or so..but it is well worth it.." - Atomsk -
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Postby Really Terminal Core » Fri Dec 22, 2006 8:39 am

Oh, golly, of course they said they'll consider it. They say it to every wannabe, even if he doesn't know the word "literacy" and his story is nothing but excited kid's ramblings. They're polite.
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Re: reply

Postby .miniman. » Fri Dec 22, 2006 9:37 pm

So you have actually talked to them and they will consider it? Holy Crap! Keep in touch with them, if FLCL returns I will just about worship you.
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Postby Drtran » Fri Dec 22, 2006 10:51 pm

as much as id like to, i don't believe you, and even if its true, there isnt going to be any new ones.

unlkess 20years from today the new pwner of gainax watches FlCl and decides they should make a new project... maybe maybe
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Postby N.O._creator_ATOMSK » Sat Dec 23, 2006 12:42 pm

look im not going to make any unnecessary remarks..all they said is exactly how i put it other wise there choice two which is explained above..50,000 signatures from the fan's themselves..and at least $185,000 u.s. to use for production..if it's manga.then they'll have that right..or maybe i will...depends..just loved to post it..and would be happy to submit any more ideas..i've still got 19 left..so it is far from over..

- N.O._Creator_ATOMSK -
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Postby Amy » Sat Dec 23, 2006 3:19 pm

Really Terminal Core wrote:Oh, golly, of course they said they'll consider it. They say it to every wannabe, even if he doesn't know the word "literacy" and his story is nothing but excited kid's ramblings. They're polite.

I agree. Gainax is most likely just being polite.

(But then again, I find it hard to believe that you actually mailed this to them, and they actually replied...)

And i'm sorry, but...the story itself is something that I don't think Gainax would want as a sequel. Mamimi sounds too intelligent for someone who wants to remain a kid forever...and what's with Naota not wanting to hear Haruko's name? The whole end of FLCL is that Naota can deal with the fact that Haruko and Mamimi are both gone, and he's become stronger from his experiences--that he doesn't need overpowering women who control his every move, or who use him, to move on.

...and, my last paragraph reminds me--Mamimi's GONE from Naota's life. She left in search of her photography carreer. On the last episode, Mamimi's already got one of her photographs in a magazine (the fooly cooly thing at the end), therefore, she's getting work. And Naota--he's in a highschool uniform, therefore, he's in highschool...I just don't think this would happen. FLCL has a definite ending...

...the only sequel that I think they would consider is one from a different view-point, or one from the past...

like, from Mamimi's point of view, from long before the fire where Tasuku saved her happened....some of HER childhood.

(^ hmm...that sounds good...I think i'm going to start writing with that idea...)

well...just my opinion.
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Postby I am Alive » Sat Dec 23, 2006 4:28 pm

I think it's good... better than most fanfics on this site... but I seriously don't think it's FLCL quality material. And how would you come up wirh $185,000 anyway?
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Postby N.O._creator_ATOMSK » Sun Dec 24, 2006 10:08 am

all i know is i worked my ass off to the best of my ability..submitted my idea and gintax,and they actually wrote back..maybe they are being polite..but it seems 6 long years is too long for a sequal.."b.s." if you ask me..they could of continued the storyline down the road..after all.haruko said it herself.."save it for next time...cause you're still a kid.."
this would be some form of refferance..but as to mamimi..her dream was to be a reporter..maybe i went overboard with the whole idea of her actually have some form of intellegence..but hey this is ten years..a whole life time..things can happon..
still i do so hope i can continue to do this..better this now..i cannot draw..and this is only an idea..like i said.countless hours..and the evangelion twist was an origional thought as well..lupin and some others..but i'm not going overboard when someone makes a commitment..this is what i feel mamimi has done with her life thus far..
as to the ninamori question..i figured the loony bin would be a good refferance..her pressures with the n.o. caused her a lil mental strain down the road..shes in rehab for it..lmao j/k..but if i actually did make a reffrence about her,might throw in a twist..daddy's lil girl..not..wicked.dommes.? maybe..but still even with some of the twists ive placed along the way..its still following a plotline..which is something i've found rather hard to follow with the origional 6. but hey it's worth a shot..might even get some form of satisfaction..it' needs to be told..end of story..
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Postby -The Sorrow- » Mon Dec 25, 2006 2:18 am

Well. Hate to break it to ya. But I too think this is a lie. If you worked so hard on this and was very devoted to flcl then you would at least spell gainax right. Look man. Its done. Finished. Il give you some cred for making a pretty good fanfic. But no way you sent this to gainax. They wouldnt take some kids fanfic. Sorry dude.
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Re: reply:re

Postby .miniman. » Mon Dec 25, 2006 4:06 am

N.O._creator_ATOMSK wrote:look im not going to make any unnecessary remarks..all they said is exactly how i put it other wise there choice two which is explained above..50,000 signatures from the fan's themselves..and at least $185,000 u.s. to use for production..if it's manga.then they'll have that right..or maybe i will...depends..just loved to post it..and would be happy to submit any more ideas..i've still got 19 left..so it is far from over..

- N.O._Creator_ATOMSK -
Wait, 19 more signatures? Do you mean actual signatures or just a persons name? Because I had a petition and guess how many first and last names I have? 20...
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Postby Azmount Aryl » Tue Dec 26, 2006 9:09 am

What are you people talking about?!?!?!?

Nobody "made" FLCL. It is, was, and always will be. It has been floating in the deeps of space for billions of years till one day it hit earth.... and you're saying some guy named Gainax made it. Ha!

In other news: How many signatures you want me to forge?
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Re: reply:re

Postby I am Alive » Tue Dec 26, 2006 9:43 pm

.miniman. wrote:
N.O._creator_ATOMSK wrote:look im not going to make any unnecessary remarks..all they said is exactly how i put it other wise there choice two which is explained above..50,000 signatures from the fan's themselves..and at least $185,000 u.s. to use for production..if it's manga.then they'll have that right..or maybe i will...depends..just loved to post it..and would be happy to submit any more ideas..i've still got 19 left..so it is far from over..

- N.O._Creator_ATOMSK -
Wait, 19 more signatures? Do you mean actual signatures or just a persons name? Because I had a petition and guess how many first and last names I have? 20...
I think he's saying he has 19 more episodes to write.
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