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Hidden Frames

Part of the fun with FLCL is all of the hidden references and frames, some of which are very easy to miss unless you play back the episode frame-by-frame.

Episode 1
People in Mamimi’s cigarette smoke

Episode 3
Miya-jun’s Kenny (South Park) car ornament
Naota fuses with Ninamori
Ninamori loses her shorts
Naota’s scream
Disconnected Kamon
Fairies in Canti’s head
FLCL director gets in a fight

Episode 4
Naota pulls off Mamimi’s panties
Mamimi’s evil stare

Episode 5
Kamon has a devil of a cavity
Lieutenant Kitsurubami’s screaming Uvula

Episode 6
Super Shigekuni

This is a growing list. If you find a hidden frame or scene in an episode, post it in the forum and it will be added to this page.

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