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Video clips of FLCL. Click download to open the video in a new window.

Episode 1 Preview (Japanese) – 2:17 minutes – 5.57 MB
A teaser for the first episode of the series. This is the Japanese version with subtitles. A dubbed version of the movie can be put up by request. Windows Media Player format.
Official Promo – 0:59 seconds – 5.01 MB
This is the official FLCL promo that aired on [adult swim]. Quicktime Movie format.
Short Promo – 0:30 seconds – 1.7 MB
This is the short FLCL promo that aired on [adult swim]. Quicktime Movie format.
Haruko’s Entrance – 0:19 seconds – 0.8 MB
Haruko makes her infamous entrance when she hits Naota at 600 MPH with a yellow Vespa. Windows Media Player format.
Out of Naota’s Head – 0:43 seconds – 1.3 MB
Something is coming out of Naota’s head!.. A robot with a television for a head and a giant metal hand? Windows Media Player format.
Canti Fight – 0:51 seconds – 1.6 MB
After coming from Naota’s head, Canti attacks the giant hand. Naota is obviously surprised at the whole ordeal. Windows Media Player format.
Haruko Fight – 0:54 seconds – 1.7 MB
Some secret group tries to apprehend Haruko but she takes care of the Matrix style. I didn’t know Haruko could handle guns like that!. Windows Media Player format.
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